A simple social media content framework

Coming up with new content ideas for social media is a challenge. What should you say? What do people want to know about your product, service, or business? And how do you keep things fresh, instead of just repeating yourself or going silent for days until you come up with something new? 

It’s helpful to have a framework, a simple guide to keep you inspired and your social channels up to date and active. 

The Three Categories System 

All you need to do is think of three things about your business that might be important to your ideal customers. 

For example, one could be the benefits of your product. Another could be your commitment to customer service. And the third could be your unique and inspiring company history. 

These are just examples—you’ll want to think of the three most important elements of your business that your ideal customers will benefit from hearing about. 

Next, for each of your three categories, create five boilerplate-style posts. 

For your category on product benefits, create a boilerplate post along the lines of: 

  • “Are you struggling with (INSERT STRUGGLE) problem? Our product helps you overcome that by (INSERT BENEFIT). Don’t miss out on (INSERT SENSE OF URGENCY) by visiting our website today: LINK.” 

Of course, you’ll need to fill in the blanks and adjust the stye and writing to fit your brand and personality. 

A boilerplate for your customer service category could read something like: 

  • “Our customers often want to know more about (INSERT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION). They love the fact we (INSERT CUSTOMER SERVICE REMEDY). What do you want to know about (INSERT PRODUCT FEATURE/SERVICE OFFERING)?” 

Write five of these types of posts, with several different customer struggles, questions, features, benefits, and calls to urgency. 

Once you have five for each category, the next time you go to post, take one of your boilerplates and adjust and customize it to the product you’re looking to sell more of, or the time and place in which your customers might currently find themselves. 

Never post the same one twice verbatim—these are for inspiration, not repetition. But these boilerplates will ensure you always know what to talk about and why your audience should care. 

The next step is to monitor engagement and action closely. Which posts do people find most interesting? Which ones are driving the most referrals back to your website? 

Do more of what’s working and jettison the rest. And keep thinking of ways to mix up the style and manner to keep it fresh and interesting. 

And then, in a few months, do up another set of boilerplates based on what you’ve learned. 

Now you always know what to say, and why your audience will care—and you’ll never struggle with a blank social media page again! 

If you need support with the content marketing strategy of your business, contact us and we can help.