récit – means narrative

A full-service agency born from My East Coast Experience Media Group

Récit is a creative agency with a wealth of experience in telling clients’ stories to their target audience.

We combine our narrative skills with innovation and the latest in data mining and digital technology to bring your creative visions to life. You don’t just hear a good story; your audience experiences it.

Let’s tell your story, together.

Our mission 

Récit’s mission is to provide the creative narrative our clients need to be able to successfully tell their brand stories.

Our vision

Our vision for Récit is to see it grow, by using our East Coast sensibilities and storytelling creative, to service clients not only in Atlantic Canada but across the country and around the world.

We are a full-service agency providing our clients services in:

Campaign Development
& Planning

We develop traditional and digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

Product Launch
& Management

Facilitating the launch of international brands and products entering the Canadian Market.

Digital Marketing

Sponsored content, strategic ad placement,  and social media strategy.

YouTube Management & Optimization

SEO and metadata optimization, audience growth, content planning, copyright management, and monetization management.

Creative Services

Graphic design, videography, photography, and web design.

Content Development

Great content is produced to meet a target audience. We work with our clients to create content by researching and understanding their audience. 

Search Engine Marketing

Increasing brands search visibility using targeted paid strategies. 

Brand Development
& Strategy

Building and implementing tailored strategies from the ground up for our clients.

Social Media
Campaign Development

Creation of engaging social media campaigns across all platforms.

Market Research

Using data and insights, we gather information that will help us better understand our clients target markets. 

Media Planning
& Buying

Combining effective messaging with the right channels and medium to reach a target audience or market.

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