Add YouTube to your digital marketing strategy

Video content and social media influencers on YouTube can play a key role in the digital marketing strategy of your brand or business. 

User habits when consuming content in the digital space vary continuously. In this ever-changing environment, video has the highest value, relevance, and capacity to adapt to the flexibility users demand

Consumption of video content represents a third of the total time users spend on the internet and, according to the forecasts and trends from a white paper issued by Cisco, this trend will do nothing but increase. 

Other reports confirm you must invest in video as part of your digital marketing strategy. According to data from Hubspot collected by Forbes in a piece about the relevance of video in the future of content marketing, adding a video to your marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200 to 300 per cent. Embedding videos in a landing page increases conversion rates by 80 per cent. 

Most importantly, 90 per cent of customers admit they use videos to decide on the purchase of a product and 64 per cent are more likely to buy it after watching a video about it. Video marketing can be the key to get ahead of competitors, which is why 87 per cent of digital marketers use video in their strategy. In 2017, video ads represented 35 per cent of overall ad spending online. Among decision makers, 59 per cent would rather watch a video than read a blog post. 

If you look at the digital marketing campaigns going viral, most of them are video. It’s virtually impossible to define what makes a viral video, but data shows 92 per cent of video consumers using mobile devices share it and a video is 1,200 times more likely to be shared than both links and text combined. A different report indicates 60 per cent of viewers connect with a video better than text. 

With all these figures, it’s clear your digital marketing strategy can’t forget video. And when you look for an online host service to your videos, YouTube stands as the most popular video-sharing platform with more than 1.9 billion users who spend, at least, one hour everyday watching videos on average. 

Creating a YouTube channel is easy and free. After the uploading process, you can embed videos on your website, a blog post, share on social media or promote them with a video campaign on Google Ads. 

However, thinking of YouTube as just a free and popular video-sharing service would be a mistake. The social element of the platform is growing in features and popularity, plus YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. According to internal reports, the consumption on mobile devices grows a 100 per cent every year. Therefore, you need to: 

  • find entertaining and/or educational video content ideas. 
  • focus your ideas on concepts that are timeless and help the SEO positioning within your key area(s) of interest. 
  • have a fully optimized YouTube channel to maximize your views, watch time, and engagement. 
  • make the most of the social aspects of YouTube to engage with your audience. 

Moreover, YouTube offers the highest referral traffic and lowest bounce rate. Connecting your channel to an associated website, you can transfer the views and watch time on your channel to measurable goals, like increasing visits to your website, increased sales, improved conversion rate, etc. 

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