How to create social media content that performs

With so much noise and chatter on social media, simply posting regularly is rarely enough to get the wanted results.

In addition to being consistent, strive to do four things in each of post:

  1. Get attention
  2. Make a point
  3. Encourage your audience to take some form of action
  4. Learn how to adjust future posts

But first, it’s important to define your goals.

Let’s assume we’re dealing with an ecommerce business. Carefully track website visits and sales, so you know how many visits the website needs to earn a single sale. This is the “conversion rate.” If there’s about one sale for every 25 people who visit, the conversion rate is about four per cent.

The conversion rate allows a (rough) estimate of how many visits—or “referrals”—from social media platforms are needed to create a sale. In this case, 25. If you want 20 new sales via social media content, you would need about 500 visits to the site from social media pages.

Your strategy, then, is to develop social media content that drives motivated referral traffic to the website in sufficient numbers to hit the sales goal.

As mentioned above, there are four vital steps:

Get attention

Social media content can’t do anything if nobody sees it. The first few words, the image, and the placement in the feed must all be carefully considered to grab attention and stop your audience from scrolling on by.

Make a point

People only remember one key message (at best) from content they view. Ensure your post has one key idea you want to communicate. Is it the low price of your offering? Is it the primary benefit it provides to your customer? Whatever the most important message is, it must be the only message you attempt to communicate.

Encourage action

You can’t assume your audience will remember you the next time they need you, so give them a reason—right now—to visit your website. Is there a particular promotion that won’t last long? Is purchasing or browsing easier than it was before? Whatever your focus, you want to encourage anyone who’s read this much of the post to take the next best action now.

Adjust future posts

Finally, pay special attention to which posts perform best—the ones that send the most referral traffic—and optimize other posts based on this data. Adjust your copy to reflect the best performing language or choose images similar to the best performers.

When you grab attention, communicate a single point, give an interested audience something to do, and learn from the data, you’ll notice your posts are both easier to create and more successful.

And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

If you need support with the social media content marketing strategy of your business, contact us and we can help.

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