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Create an effective video to reach your marketing goals

What does a video need to succeed on YouTube? The videos on your channel can be anything from big productions with multiple cameras to basic explanatory videos filmed with a single mobile phone, or anything in between. The most important part is to plan the video and convey a clear message. For that, keep in mind: 

  • Script writing and planning: Think about the message you want to communicate and how you’re going to present it. In this first phase, you also need to define your technical needs to produce the video, define a budget, arrange who is going to appear in the videos, choose locations, decide if the video will have a voice over or not, etc. Most importantly, you need to come up with a call to action that links the video to specific commercial goals for your brand or business. Do you want your audience to visit a website, subscribe to the channel, purchase a product or service, participate in a contest, support a campaign, etc. It’s crucial to plan what you want to say beforehand. Prepare a script where the words flow naturally and include all the key messages. In fact, make sure to mention the name of the company and your key message(s) in the first five seconds of the video to secure the attention of your audience. 
  • Target audience or buyer persona: Besides having a clear message to deliver, you must have a clear definition of who it’s being delivered to. Define a buyer persona, a semi-fictional profile of the ideal customer for your brand or business, to guide and help you make the right decisions in every step of your strategy on YouTube. 
  • Style: You must be consistent and apply a clear and unique style to your videos (intro, ending, colours, logos, text formats, voice over, etc.) to create memorable videos that potential customers can easily identify as part of your brand or business. 
  • Other social media channels: YouTube should be the main platform for your video strategy, but keep in mind what other channels you use and prepare little clips or teasers for them from your full video to attract that audience back to the full video. 

Keep in mind the technical specifications from each platform, like what video format are you going to use? Vertical video? Square video? For a multi-platform distribution strategy, square video format could be the best choice. As much as I dislike watching vertical videos, YouTube’s latest updates ease the path for vertical video, especially on the mobile app. If your target audience is young people living behind their phones and using other social video platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram (Instagram TV or IGTV) and you don’t have the resources to adapt your videos to multiple formats, you can use vertical videos on YouTube too. 

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