Does your content stand out or blend in?

The first rule of marketing is you must be different. You have to stand out, otherwise you won’t get noticed. 

If you aren’t noticed, you can’t communicate your message. 

If you can’t communicate your message, you can’t give potential customers reasons to buy from you. 

And if we can’t give potential customers reasons to buy from you, they won’t. 

And yet so much content that businesses create blends in, instead of standing out. Popular blogs and influencers provide “best practices” for content that encourage sameness and unoriginality. Businesses create podcasts just because everyone else is doing it, copying someone else’s style or approach. And marketers create blog posts that don’t have a unique perspective, and which carry the same information someone could get on a thousand other websites. 

Marketers must remember you aren’t creating content just to have made something—you’re creating content to sell something. That’s either your services, products, or ideas. But in every case, your content isn’t useful if nobody sees it, and they won’t see it if it blends in with everyone else’s. 

Marketing is about uniqueness, differentiation, and perspective. It’s not about copying and blending in. 

So before you start creating content, first do these three things: 

  1. Identify why you want to create content. Is it just because everyone else is—a form or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) —or is it because you truly think it will help you spread an important and useful message to your customers and prospects? You want to create content that positions your business as special and particularly valuable to a certain customer, and your content should emphasize that. 
  2. Figure out what you’re uniquely good at and what you actually want to produce, so you can sustain it for a long time. If you hate the sound of your own voice, a podcast is unlikely to be the next best thing for you to try. But if you love writing, start a newsletter. If you love working with camera equipment and editing software, make some videos. Don’t worry about what’s perfect, focus on what you can do and like to do.
  3. Think of ways you can put your own unique spin on your content, so it stands out and allows you to demonstrate what your business is best at. If your business has a unique attribute that sets it apart from your closest competitors, how could you infuse your content with that same specialness?

If you’re a cheerful person, make your content fun and joyful. If you’re a business built on superior customer service, use your content to answer questions and provide helpful information. If you’re all about making change in your community, use your content to spread your ideas and perspective, and encourage feedback and conversation. 

At the end of the day, anybody can copy. But true talent and business acumen is demonstrated through uniqueness and originality. 

That’s how you create great content and that’s how you build a great business. 

If you need support with the content marketing strategy of your business, contact us and we can help.