Getting the most out of your content

Great content can take a long time to produce. Researching, outlining, writing, editing, designing, recording, and publishing are all time-intensive tasks. So, once you’ve created great content, you want to get the most out of it—you want it to last. 

The first thing to remember is that once published, the life of that piece of content isn’t over—it’s just been born. There may be plenty of opportunities to increase its reach by getting it in front of more people. You can likely re-use portions of it for other content pieces in the future. And you may be able to re-purpose all or parts of it in ways you hadn’t previously considered as new opportunities arise. 

Here are some ways to think about your content and to identify more opportunities to increase its impact: 


Just because we publish, that doesn’t mean people will see it. We need to reach them where they are and give them opportunities to engage. Every time you create a new piece of content, from a blog post to a YouTube or TikTok video, consider all the platforms, networks, and websites you can cross-post it to. 

Your video content can be embedded in a blog post on your website. Your blog post can be sent out as a newsletter to your subscribers. Your podcast can be submitted to industry or local directories. And your social media posts can be re-shared across multiple channels. 

Don’t just post once and then move on to the next piece. Make sure all your content gets the reach it deserves. 


Not everything we produce is particularly timely—sometimes we create content that can last for a long time, if we make the right preparations. 

If a blog post or newsletter from a few years ago is still relevant today, you can use it again. Update any out-of-date references, add a note at the top letting your readers know it is an updated version of an older post (no self-plagiarism here!), and then republish it with a new date. 

A fraction of your audience likely saw it the first time, and you can give new audience members a chance to see it for the first time. 


Finally, think of ways you can re-purpose old content to make it new again. Its original medium may no longer be relevant, or there may simply be opportunities to expand its use across multiple media. 

Your newsletter can be turned into a short summary video you post on YouTube or TikTok. It can also be recorded and released as a podcast. And your podcast can be transcribed so that inspirational quotes can be shared on your social networks. 

There are many ways to get increasing and long-term use out of your content, if you think big, think ahead, and think about your audience. 

You put so much time and effort into your content marketing, make sure your audience gets the chance to experience it, wherever they might be. 

If you need support with the content marketing strategy of your business, contact us and we can help. 

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