How to beat the blank page

When it comes time to do your marketing work, whether it’s website copy, social media posts, or even press releases, the dreaded blank page can be our worst enemy.

Where to even start? Why does anyone care? What should I write?

Every marketer faces this challenge from time to time and experienced marketers have tricks for breaking through the blank page and finding great ideas on the other side.

Here are some tips for getting started and making progress when your inspiration is running low:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Know your message
  3. Know your context
  4. Know your offer

1) Know your audience

Before you start writing your marketing messages, write down some detail about one person you want to address. Who are they? What do they want? What do they know about your business? What problem or challenge in their life is your business able to help them solve—and how are they seeing that problem currently? Now, what does this person need to know to realize your business is the best one to help?

2) Know your message

What are you really selling? If it’s plumbing supplies, you’re not really selling pipes and wrenches. You’re actually selling a dry, safe home. If it’s graphic design, you’re not really selling logos and annual reports. You’re selling confidence and professionalism so your clients can put their best foot forward. Your message on your website, social media posts, or YouTube videos shouldn’t just be, “Here’s what we have to sell,” but also, “Here’s how we can help you make progress toward your bigger goals.”

3) Know your context

When, where, and how will people see or experience your marketing? Will the person be sitting at their computer scrolling through LinkedIn, or in the bathroom flipping through Instagram? Will they be eager to learn more about your business because they came looking for it, or are they at best mildly intrigued on their way to do something else? What do they need to know right now that will make them more likely to buy from you when the time is right?

4) Know your offer

If you’ve got someone’s attention and they’re ready to learn more, don’t forget to give them something to do. Maybe it’s an offer code for a discount they can apply if they buy today, or maybe it’s a downloadable they can grab for more information. Or maybe it’s simply directions to find your store.

People don’t want to read marketing messages, but they do have things they need to buy. Make it easy and fast to do so when they’re ready, and point them in the right direction once you’ve got their interest.

When you know who you’re talking to, how you can help them, when you’ll have their attention, and where to direct them once you have it, the blank page isn’t so scary. In fact, it becomes a fun, creative exercise of, “How do I best communicate this message?” instead of the anxious feeling of, “What on earth do I say?” Try our tips and you’ll see!

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