Simple (and efficient) ways to promote your content

Digital creators can spend countless hours creating new blog posts, newsletter issues, YouTube videos, TikToks, social media posts, and podcasts. But few spend the necessary time making sure people actually see, hear, or experience their content. 

The truth is, there’s more content created every single day than anyone could ever consume in many lifetimes. So, to get noticed, one must make themselves noticeable. 

Consider these 10 questions to determine if you’re spending enough time promoting your content once you’ve created it: 

  1. Is your blog hidden in your website navigation, or are there specific call-outs on multiple pages? 
  2. Is your email newsletter promoted in a banner on your site and linked to in your social media bios, or do interested people need to search for it on your contact page or on Google? 
  3. Are you posting new content on your social media channels consistently, and are you creating new captions and images for each platform—or are you just cross-posting without any customization to make them stand out? 
  4. Are you helping people find your content by tagging relevant organizations, using proper hashtags, and adding additional comments and follow-ups to give your posts the credible appearance of activity? 
  5. Are you asking your coworkers to share your company’s content once it’s been posted and are you giving them tips and support to write their own captions/comments on the posts? 
  6. Do you include links to your blog, newsletter, or YouTube channel in your email signature? 
  7. Is your business listed in any directories or membership groups? If so, have you included links to your social platforms in your listings? 
  8. Have you used tools like SparkToro to investigate what your ideal audience is interested in, what they follow, and what types of content particularly appeal to them? 
  9. Have you allocated any of your paid media budget to boosting your top-performing content to a wider audience? 
  10. Do you have a checklist you run through every time you post new content to make sure you’re effectively promoting it? 

You might not be able to answer Yes to all of these questions, but hopefully you can answer in the affirmative for some of them. And if not, you now have the beginnings of a checklist you can use to make sure your content gets the attention it deserves. 

You made it, now make sure people see it! 

If you need support with the content marketing strategy of your business, contact us and we can help.