When digital marketing doesn’t work

Digital marketing can be an effective, affordable, and fun way to promote your business. It can be creative, inspiring, and profitable. 

But it can also be disappointing, frustrating, and expensive when it doesn’t work. 

And when digital marketing doesn’t work, these are often the main reasons why: 

  1. No goal 
  2. No strategy
  3. No target
  4. No focus

1) No goal 

If you didn’t set out with a goal in mind, how were you ever going to know if you were successful? Every piece of marketing you put out into the world should have a goal associated with it—some way of determining whether it worked, or if it’s at least worth trying again. 

When you create marketing without a goal, you can never succeed because there’s no way of knowing if you succeeded. You can only achieve your goals when you state them, write them down, and work toward them strategically. They never get accomplished by accident. 

2) No strategy 

Speaking of working strategically, even if you have a goal, digital marketing often fails because there was no strategy for achieving it. 

For instance, if you want to increase qualified leads, is your marketing speaking to the right people, at the right time, in the right context, with the right call-to-action? Are you setting yourself up for success, or merely putting yourself out there with no good plan behind it? 

Work back from your vision of success and determine what would have to happen, in what sequence, and by whom for your goal to be achieved, and build out a strategy to get you there. 

3) No target 

Messages that appeal to everyone are rarely appealing to us as individuals. Your product’s total addressable market may be enormous, but your marketing target should not be. 

Instead, define your core audience target. Identify the people most likely to buy and most likely to love what you do, and target them specifically. Understand where they go for information, what particular challenge they’re trying to overcome, and reach them where they are with the information they need. 

4) No focus 

What product or service do you want people to purchase from you, right now, as a result of the marketing you’re working on? 

The answer can’t be “anything” or “everything.” Nobody wants anything, and they’re rarely in the market for everything all at once. Speak to a specific person and offer them specific value—we can all see ourselves in other individual’s experiences, but none of us see ourselves as just one in a crowd. 

So, make sure your marketing is focused on one message at a time, to one particular audience group at a time—or else you’ll be speaking to everyone but have no one’s attention. 

Digital marketing works when it’s goal oriented, strategy driven, carefully targeted, and precisely focused. Don’t let it become a frustrating expense. Instead, make your efforts effective by knowing your goals, knowing how you’re going to achieve them, who your most likely customers will be, and what they need from you right now. 

And then get started. 

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